Our Story

Founded in 1843, the congregation known today as Grace UCC has been known by many names and affiliations. In its earliest days, it was known as the New German Reformed Church and was affiliated with the Reformed Churches in America. In 1888, after several partnerships and mergers with other area churches that brought about various name changes, the congregation became Grace Reformed Church, meant to reflect the people’s strong belief in the many gifts that God freely gives to God’s people.


In 1934, the Reformed Churches in America merged with the Evangelical Synod of North America, and in 1957 this new Evangelical and Reformed denomination—along with Grace Church—became a part of the United Church of Christ.


At Grace Church, we are all on a journey of faith, and we recognize that each of us are at different points on that journey. Through worship, educational activities, acts of service, and times of gathering in community, we partner together to encourage and strengthen one another as we walk this path of discipleship both in and beyond the church walls.


The United Church of Christ recognizes Jesus Christ as the one through whom we as Christians experience God’s love and presence. It values the independence of individuals and congregations to explore for themselves what faithful discipleship best looks like, balancing scripture and church tradition with reason and experience. It is a church where it is often said that “God is still speaking,” where we recognize that we have yet more to learn about what it means to respond to God’s call in light of new information and circumstances. For more information, visit ucc.org.