Home Safe and Sound

Note: our Director of Christian Education, Michael Farmer, is on a trip to Israel through his studies at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. While there, he is sending periodic updates about what he's been doing.


On our last day in the Holy Land we went to Jacobs well (same well that Jesus got a drink from the woman at the well), we're able to have a drink, met and spoke with a Samaritan high priest, saw ruins of their temple and topped it all off with a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.


After 25 hours of travel I arrived home at 1:30am.  I am so thankful for the prayers and well wishes of friends and family.  This was truly an amazing experience to explore the history and culture of the Holy Land from Jesus' time as well as currently.  We saw alot of rocks, walked in similar paths and lands that Jesus did, met some incredible people, and learned from outstanding scholars. I can't wait to share my experiences and pictures!  I would definitely encourage anyone who can to visit the Holy Land but explore deeper the history, traditions and cultures of these beautiful places.