Another Short Hello

Note: our Director of Christian Education, Michael Farmer, is on a trip to Israel through his studies at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. While there, he is sending periodic updates about what he's been doing.


Another short hello because the signal here isn't very good.  We saw many things today but highlights were the church on the hill where the beatitudes we're given, taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and seeing St. Peter's home.  I also included a sign from our hikes.  It is safe here but these signs remind us of all of the war and fighting going on in and near these holy spaces.


We finished the night with an impromptu communion service and our guide sang how great thou art in Arabic, classmates sang in Korean and then we all sang in English.  It was very moving.  We then went out so see the stars and we talked with a local man who was in 3 wars in the areas we were in today.  He was also a part of the digging crew that unearthed the Jesus boat here.  Very interesting man and just awesome to hear his story.


Hope all is well!