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HeBrews Cafe

The HeBrews Cafe is a breakfast time from 9:45-10:10am before worship.  This is a great time for fellowship and good food.  People volunteer to supply the food so you never know what we will have from week to week but it is always delicious.

Lent Bible Studies

During Lent we will join together for an on-line weekly bible study using google hang out.  Every Sunday in Lent there will be a new set of scripture and discussions questions around social justice issues. Participants are then able to access and contribute to the discussion throughout the week, whenever is convienient.  To join the group, please contact Michael Farmer at  Come and join us.

Vacation Bible School

Bring your kids out for the start of Vacation Bible School! We will have a ton of fun this summer playing games, doing arts and crafts, and most importantly learning about Jesus!